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Hey friends and fans, If you're on this page you are most likely someone who has been to a show, heard my recorded music or are a friend. I'm appealing to you for your sustainable support by asking you to join my fan club and exclusive members only online community. Since the release of Believe and the subsequent tour last summer The Jerry O Show has entered a new level of exposure and opportunity but the only way to follow up on this and continue is with your help. I am still a completely independent enterprise and I need you, but by joining the fan club YOU get a great deal too! For a mere $25 a year you get 4 full length albums and 1 single for immediate download and streaming on the bandcamp app plus all the new music and re-releases I put out this year as soon as they come out. No additional transactions once you're in the club. It will automatically appear when released. I will also be releasing members only exclusive releases of demos, alternate takes, live recordings and offerings from guests that appear on The Jerry O Show. Please consider joining the Jerry O Fan Club and helping me continue creating music and touring in the most sustainable way available that also delivers exclusive music directly to you! THANKS for your support!!

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    Members who join at this tier will receive everything above as well as physical CD copies of the full-length albums, deals on members only exclusive vinyl, flexi discs, custom Odd Records art postcards, a chance to play or MC The Jerry O Show in Nashville and more!
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Jerry Oliver
Nashville, Tennessee
Jerry Oliver has been writing, recording and performing his original music with various bands and as a solo artist since 1996. With it being five years since Jerry last released an official recording he is ripe with two new solo albums of new songs featuring just Jerry and his guitar, voice and harmonica. The first album, Believe, comes out August 4.
Jerry's new single is out now!

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